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Often we come across organizations that approach us to find them a good employers for a particular position. We tell them that there is nothing called a universally 'good employee' because the one who is good in one organization need not necessarily be good in another. Therefore, what they are seeking is an employee who matches their organizational size, culture, working environment , business expectations , all with compatible behavior and suitable attitudes.

The age-old method of matching job descriptions with CVs and deciding on the candidates by a short interview or entrance test is equivalent to gambling. If you lose, you wasted substantial wages besides exposing the organization to an incompatible , disgruntled candidate. Besides, his word of mouth displeasure is a public relations disaster for the organization.

Matching an employer with prospective employees or vice versa is a highly specialized skill that very few people have mastered. Expertise, experience, instincts and modern analytical tools combine to identify, assess and isolate the 'Best Fit' from a large, categorized and formalized database.

Today, Seagull is rated among leading manpower consultants of India and powered by large client base of exacting customers who swear by our uncanny knack of matching the right employee with the right job in the organization. They have realized that we eliminate the risk of gambling from recruiting and add to their organization's productivity and profit; a profit centre instead of a cost centre.


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